YCWA Water Districts (Member Units)

Yuba Water Agency has a long history of actively managing the county’s water resources for beneficial use in cooperation with local, state and federal stakeholders.

Yuba Water Agency provides annual water supplies to local agricultural water districts and water companies, known as ‘Member Units’. These Member Units include: Brophy Water District, Browns Valley Irrigation District, Cordua Irrigation District, Dry Creek Mutual Water Company, Hallwood Irrigation Company, Ramirez Water District, South Yuba Water District and Wheatland Water District.

Yuba Water Agency actively works to provide a secure, stable and affordable surface water supply for irrigation use in Yuba County and for the benefit of the local economy.

The agency optimizes the management and delivery of available surface water supplies for maximum beneficial use by the Member Units. The Member Units in turn convey water to local farmers and ranchers who produce and raise food supplies and commodities including peaches, plums, rice, walnuts, dairy and livestock.

Yuba Water Agency also manages the balance of water supply allocations and supply reductions among the Member Units in dry years. Thanks to agency’s careful stewardship of water resources, the Member Units have only experienced one summer supply shortage since the construction of New Bullards Bar Dam and Reservoir in 1970.

Many of the Member Units’ water supply agreements with the agency expired in 2016. But in early 2017, new, updated agreements to reflect current conditions were signed.