Residential Water Conservation

Yuba Water Agency is partnering with PG&E to launch a new water and energy efficiency program for low-income households in Yuba County.

Through a contract with Richard Heath and Associates, Inc., the organization that facilitates the program, Yuba Water Agency will invest up to $300,000 for water conservation measures, which will be combined with PG&E’s investment for energy saving measures for low-income residences in the Linda County Water District service area.

Through this pilot program, local contractors will provide water and energy conservation assessments for up to 1,000 households, and when necessary, install new water efficiency devices including faucet aerators, low-flow shower heads, shower timers and high-efficiency toilets.

Visit PG&E’s website¬†or call 1-800-743-5000 for more information about the program and to learn about eligibility requirements.