As a requirement of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Yuba County Water Agency must renew its license that permits the Agency to use public waters for energy generation. The license specifically authorizes the conditions for construction, operation and maintenance of the Yuba River Development Project, as well as requirements designed to ensure safety, and to protect and enhance environmental resources and recreation.

In 2016, the Agency’s original 50-year FERC license expired. YCWA officially began the application process for a new license in 2010, and expects FERC to issue a notice at the start of its own environmental analysis of the project in 2017.

YCWA has performed nearly 50 environmental studies, conducted hundreds of public meetings with interested parties, and filed a final license application. FERC has issued YCWA an automatically renewing annual license, which allows operation of the project under existing conditions until FERC issues the new license with updated terms and conditions.

The Agency is seeking to obtain a new license that will enable YCWA to fulfill its obligations to the people of Yuba County, while also meeting environmental, recreational, water supply and other non-power requirements and needs. YCWA hopes that it will receive a new license without overly adverse impacts to project economics while helping to maintain its positive relationships with the community, resource agencies, Native American communities and other interested parties.

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