Groundwater Management

Since Yuba County Water Agency’s (YCWA) establishment, protecting and enhancing Yuba County’s groundwater aquifer has been one of the Agency’s foremost priorities. For the first time in California history, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) allows agencies to adopt groundwater sustainability plans that are tailored to the resources and needs of their communities. Proper groundwater management helps provide a buffer against drought and climate change, and contributes to reliable water supplies regardless of weather patterns. YCWA has taken the necessary steps to be a recognized Sustainable Groundwater Agency for Yuba County, which included drafting a groundwater sustainability plan.

Through careful stewardship of local water resources, the groundwater basin in the area has recovered to historic levels, allowing everyone who relies on groundwater from the basin to have access to these supplies when they need them.

In wet and normal years, surface water is used by local farmers to irrigate their crops. While in dry years, groundwater may be used instead which allows more water to stay in the river and benefit fish and wildlife. This also allows water to be made available to cities and farms statewide. YCWA monitors 34 dedicated groundwater wells throughout the county on a monthly basis. Additionally, the Agency works with its eight ‘member unit’ retail suppliers to manage groundwater resources. YCWA and local irrigation districts consistently monitor groundwater levels and water quality at about 300 production wells, which provides necessary information to help protect the health of the groundwater basin.