YCWA Investment

One of the main goals for the newly-created Yuba Water Agency in 1959 was to reduce the risk of flooding for the residents of Yuba County.

The 1970 construction of New Bullards Bar Reservoir and Dam was the first major step toward updating the area’s flood protection.

After the major floods in 1986 and 1997, which caused total devastation and loss of life, Yuba Water Agency, the California Department of Water Resources, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other state and local interests decided that improvements were necessary.

Recently, Yuba Water Agency awarded $300,000 in grants to three reclamation districts, benefiting farmers, ranchers and residents. This provides the local cost-share component for $1.5 million in necessary construction repairs. The grants were awarded to Reclamation Districts 10, 2103 and 817 (RD 10, RD 2103 and RD 817).

RD 10 received $200,000 of those grants to help repair approximately 22 miles of levee crown gravel patrol roads.

RD 2103 and RD 817 received the remaining $100,000 to help repair approximately nine miles of levee crown gravel patrol roads. This work was completed in Oct. 2016.

Other major milestones in Yuba Water Agency’s efforts to upgrade flood control throughout the years include:

-Yuba Water Agency secures $90 million in Proposition 13 funds for Yuba-Feather flood protection in 2000
-A 2003 analysis by USACE and DWR re-classifies Reclamation District 784 levees from over a 100-year level of protection to as little as 30 years in certain areas
-Yuba County and RD 784 form a joint powers authority to strengthen levees – the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority. Funding is provided by the state, local landowners, Yuba County and Yuba Water Agency
-Yuba County and Yuba Water Agency issue $78 million in the Western Regional Municipal Bond Deal of the Year to pay for the local share of the Feather River Setback Levee
-Yuba Water Agency and DWR’s efforts with USACE results in $9 million in federal stimulus funds for constructing the first phase of Marysville Ring Levee improvements in 2010
-Yuba Water Agency partners with DWR, the National Weather Service and USACE to produce the Forecast-Coordinated Operations program – a new modeling program to guide the most efficient use of the flood capacity at Oroville Dam and New Bullards Bar Dam to limit peak Yuba and Feather flood flows