Currently on the River

Last Update: Aug 16,2017

New Bullards Bar Reservoir

Flood Space

  • Available: 188,941 acre feet
  • Required: 0 acre feet

Current Water Levels

  • Elevation: 1,913.79 feet
  • Elevation change - Last 24 Hours: -1.12 feet
  • Storage: 777,162 acre feet
  • Storage change - Last 24 Hours: -4,637 acre feet


  • Bullards Bar inflow: 322 cubic feet/second
  • Bullards Bar outflow: 2,679 cubic feet/second
  • Middle Yuba River flow - below Our House Dam: 36 cubic feet/second
  • South Yuba River flow - at Jones Bar: 52 cubic feet/second

Englebright Dam

  • Englebright inflow: 2,774 cubic feet/second
  • Englebright outflow: 2,442 cubic feet/second
  • North irrigation ditch flow: 393 cubic feet/second
  • South irrigation ditch flow - (Baker Gage): 340 cubic feet/second
  • Yuba River flow at Marysville gauge: 1,488 cubic feet/second

Warning! This data is preliminary and subject to revision.

Lower Yuba River Flows


*Notice: Anticipated flows are always preliminary and are provided for informational purposes only. Flows are subject to real-time changes in weather and runoff conditions, and operations related to hydroelectric generation, flood control, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license requirements. This data is not intended to be used for flood forecasting. For personal safety, those on or near the river should always proceed with caution and be aware of changing weather, river conditions and the very cold water.


Current Flows

Current flows can be found at the websites listed below: - summary of Yuba River flows - total flow about one mile downstream of Englebright Dam (adds Dear Creek flow to the Smartsville flow)


Forecasted Flows

Short-term Forecast

Currently flows downstream of Englebright Dam are in the range of 2450 cfs.


Long-term Forecast

*Information is expressed as average daily flow in cubic feet per second (cfs)

Anticipated flows downstream of Englebright Dam to Daguerre Point Dam

Dates Anticipated Flow
July 2,400 – 2,800 cfs
August (early-mid) 2,400 – 2,800 cfs
August (late) 1,000 cfs
September 1,000 cfs

Anticipated flows from Daguerre Point Dam downstream

Dates Anticipated Flow
July 1,500 – 2,100 cfs
August (early-mid) 800 – 1,400 cfs
August (late) 800 – 1,100 cfs
September 800 cfs