Over $2 million in funding awarded to Yuba County for services, equipment

Over $2 million in funding awarded to Yuba County for services, equipment

Yuba County Water Agency today granted more than $2 million to Yuba County for ongoing services and equipment, further supporting the water agency’s objectives and missions.

These grants will allow the county to fund the following services and equipment:

Flood emergency preparedness and mitigation – $511,696

This grant will help Yuba County cover expenses related to flood and storm emergencies, and flood emergency preparedness and mitigation, including public safety and administration of key agency policies related to reducing flood risk.

Public Works flooding, drainage and water management – $1,022,452

Yuba County Public Works will continue to address flooding, drainage and water management with the help this grant, which will cover costs directly relating to:

  • Stormwater management plan compliance
  • South Olivehurst detention basin operations and maintenance
  • Drainage and floodplain administration, including a water resources engineer position
  • Engineering technician position to maintain a geographic information system layer on floodplain maps and other related items
  • Dedicated public works time for drainage maintenance

Office of Emergency Services portable pump – $75,000

Residents in southwest District 10 and other areas in the county have had to deal with localized flood risk due to internal drainage systems struggling with runoff from large amounts of rainfall.

This grant will enable Yuba County to purchase a pump that will add one more option for public works to lessen this flood risk.     

Sheriff’s office vehicles and specialized equipment – $135,700

This grant will help the sheriff’s office purchase two fully outfitted, four-wheel-drive patrol vehicles and new equipment for its technical search and rescue team to assist with emergency calls in and around the water agency’s powerhouses, dams, surrounding recreational areas and throughout the foothills for public safety and security purposes.  

The new patrol cars – totaling $107,000 – will replace the resident foothill deputies’ aging vehicles, allowing for more reliable response times to critical infrastructure and enhanced safety for the people who live and work in the foothills.

The remaining amount will be used to purchase waterproof radios, dry suits, lighting, and other miscellaneous small equipment, enhancing the Technical Search and Rescue Team’s ability to provide rescue and recovery efforts on rivers and lakes within Yuba County.

Public Works corporation yard – $175,000

This grant will cover the construction costs of a new corporation yard wash rack, including a filtration system for county vehicles to ensure the county meets California’s new water quality regulations.

Yuba County has agreed to make this new wash rack available to other public entities in the county, which will reduce the cost for other entities to comply with the new water quality regulations.

This system will filter and recycle water to control water quality degradation that would be caused by grey water runoff from the vehicles being washed.

Office of Emergency Services emergency planner position – $107,785

Yuba County Office of Emergency Services will be able to continue funding its emergency planner position with this grant.

Yuba County Water Agency has helped fund this position since November, 2012.

Agriculture Department trapper position – $20,000

Levees throughout Yuba County will continue to be protected from harmful animals with the help of this grant, which will help fund a trapper position, and will be reimbursed by the eight irrigation districts that Yuba County Water Agency supplies water to.

Sycamore Ranch public restrooms – $200,000

When nature calls, visitors at Sycamore Ranch will no longer have to scramble to find an alternate place to relieve themselves.

This grant will allow Yuba County to build a new restroom facility at the public campgrounds, including showers and individual handicap-accessible bathrooms.

Because of Sycamore Ranch’s location along the Yuba River in Browns Valley, the current restrooms are prone to flooding when the river rises following heavy storms and water releases from New Bullards Bar Dam.

The new restroom will be situated only about 100 feet from the current facility, but will be constructed at an area that is more than 10 feet higher in elevation.

The single structure facility will house six unisex bathrooms, each with its own shower, including two that are handicap accessible.

Yuba County Water Agency is able to provide these grants to Yuba County because each falls within one of its mission areas of flood risk reduction, water supply reliability, hydropower generation, groundwater management, fisheries enhancement and recreation in and around New Bullards Bar Reservoir.

In 2016-17, Yuba County Water Agency provided more than $4.1 million in grants to the county for projects within the agency’s mission areas.