Chairman’s Update #6

Chairman’s Update #6

Public safety is the Yuba County Water Agency’s top priority. And with the Fourth of July holiday approaching, I can’t help but reiterate how important it is for people to be mindful of potential dangers on New Bullards Bar Reservoir and in the Yuba River.

With help from John Behrend Custom Logging, the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services, and a recent financial commitment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and California’s Office of Emergency Services, YCWA’s ongoing work to remove 70,000 cubic yards of debris from New Bullards Bar Reservoir is near completion.

While much of this debris has been corralled and removed, people recreating on the water should still be aware of floating hazards and underwater debris.

The Yuba River may also be a popular destination for people over the holiday, but near triple-digit temperatures are melting the mountain snowpack at a rapid rate. The river is strong, cold and can be dangerous. YCWA encourages people to be aware and safe, and to stay out of the water or recreate close to the shore.

This Fourth of July, take some time to celebrate our glorious nation and the great amenities Yuba County has to offer, but please be safe. For more information and future updates, visit and follow us on social media @YubaWater.

-Brent Hastey, YCWA Board Chairman