Chairman’s Update #10

Chairman’s Update #10

With another flood season fast approaching, it is reassuring to see the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continue their program of repairs to the Marysville Ring Levee.

Strengthening this levee is a priority for YCWA. The 7.5-mile-long levee completely surrounds and provides flood protection for the historic City of Marysville, and all of its residents. When this work is complete, the levee will provide one of the highest levels of flood protection to any city in California’s Central Valley.

Last week, the Yuba County Water Agency accompanied officials from the Army Corps, Office of Management and Budget and the Marysville Levee Commission on a tour of various sections of the levee. The tour included detailed briefings on the entire project, as well as insight on the next construction phases and the location of each one.

And the work is progressing. Phase 4A is scheduled to be complete later this month and the Army Corps is scheduled to award the contract for Phase 2A North by the end of this week. Phase 2A North will consist of modifying and strengthening a section of levee on the eastern side of Marysville, near River Front Park and the 5th Street Bridge.

The credit for this project’s progression belongs to the collaborative work of numerous agencies including California’s Department of Water Resources, the Central Valley Flood Protection Board, Marysville Levee Commission, and the Army Corps.

YCWA continues to provide significant support for the project, and while there is still an ample amount of work that needs to be done to further bolster the ring levee, it is a step in the right direction to see our partnerships benefitting the people who live and work in Yuba County.

-Brent Hastey, YCWA Board Chairman